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Climate Action & Green Hydrogen

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Africa Blockchain Hackathon

The Africa Blockchain Hackathon is an initiative of Africa Blockchain Institute (ABI), this time in partnership with University of Namibia, to give young professionals, students, tech enthusiasts, policy makers, artists, amongst others, early exposure to the career and business opportunities being presented by the Blockchain/DLT Digital Innovations. The Hackathon creates a structured and sustainable community that nurtures and empowers awesome developers by providing and democratizing access to knowledge, capital, and mentorship.

We are hosting this year's Hackathon with sole focus on Climate Action & Green Hydrogen. Climate Change is pivotal to our existence on earth, the best we can do as Humans is to make the world a better place, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening blockchain sustainability, and using environmental friendly energy.

Blockchain Framework

Participants are allowed to choose any of the EVM Blockchain Platforms to deploy their project. More importantly, we are looking out for Blockchain Framework that supports green initiatives. That is, a green blockchain with an environmental impact focus from the very beginning.

Blockchain is a powerful tool that can significantly improve the transparency, accountability, and traceability of greenhouse gas emissions. It further enables collective action to fight climate change.

about abi-mission

Hackathon Highlights

hackathon participants


hackathon participants


hackathon participants


Cash Prize

Build Stuff

The Hackhathon

Africa Blockchain Hackathon is gradually becoming a house-hold community where blockchain budding enthusiasts begin their journey from idea to the launching of Start Up.

The Hackathon is planned to engage the participants on everything and anything they need to know about Blockchain Technology. Topics covered will not only give participants a good understanding of the Blockchain and how it works, but will also discuss current and future applications and how they are being implemented to change the world profitably.

Building with Fun

The Contest is divided in to country competition, regional competition, then continental competition. It will be virtual.

Even if you are a newbie, don't panic! Some of the best technical experts in the blockchain Community will be there to help you build your project. Come as you are!

Hackathon Tracks


Authentication and validation of the use of renewable energy in the production of Green Hydrogen.


Tracking the supply value chain of Green Hydrogen.


The capturing of carbon credit value chain certification provenance on the blockchain technology for Green Hydrogen plants.


The tokenization of Carbon credits as an asset class.

This is what will happen and why you should be there.


You will build. Most of your time will be spent building your decentralized application, from idea submission to product launch!


Workshops, talks, mentors. No matter your expertise, you will learn something there


Connect with leading Blockchain experts, and professionals, from around the world. Getting more insight on your project.


Regional winners from across Africa will compete to win the championship.


October 17th - November 2022.



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Our Amazing Partners


We are proud of this Hackathon Program which will create Hundreds of African Blockchain Companies in coming years!

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