We are looking for mentors who possess:

A strong background in blockchain technology and entrepreneurship

Demonstrated success in launching and growing a business (preferably in the blockchain industry

A willingness to share knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs

Flexibility and availability to meet with mentees regularly during the program

Program Timeline

Incubation Program:
March - June 2023

Deadline for Mentorship Application:
6th February 2023


An opportunity to help contribute to new solutions in the blockchain space in Africa

An opportunity to connect with other professionals and experts in the blockchain space in Africa

A shareable certificate of serving as a mentor for the Africa Blockchain Institute

An appreciation stipend

Previous Participants and Testimonials

What I found greatly valuable about the Incubation program was the opportunity to learn from our mentors and network with important stakeholders in the investment and web3 space.

Vusa Chimanikire,
Co-Founder, Tigere Housing.